Our Community Service is the ideal short-term commitment.  It is a fantastic option for those wanting to travel inexpensively, give back, and learn about a new culture while doing it.  Program commitments are anywhere from 2 weeks-3 months.  This program is a wonderful way to occupy summer breaks, J-terms, or just to have a long vacation.

Volunteers in this program will lend 20 hours per week to local organizations and/or schools working to improve the English language skills in communities around Costa Rica.  Participants will participate in classes in local Public Schools and Community Centers where they will be placed based on the ages they are most interested in teaching. 

We do not require that volunteers in Community Service have neither a TEFL/TESOL certificate nor a university degree; however, applicants with these credentials are preferred over those who do not.  For those applicants that do not have these credentials, we prefer that they have some teaching and/or volunteer experience.  We match all volunteers and assign responsibilities appropriately in accordance with their experience and expectations.  More experienced volunteers will take on more responsibility such as teaching and preparing lessons, where as less experienced volunteers will do more tutoring and conversation classes.