• What does the program fee cover?
    Transportation to and from orientation site from the ALIARSE office in San Jose.  Support and 24-hour back up
    3 meals/day and housing with a host family
    1-3 day orientation program (depending on program of choice and program length)
    Teaching materials
    Professional and educational mentoring
    Administrative costs


  • Will I get paid?
    No, your work is not paid, but we provide food, lodging, and transportation.
    Also, we allow our volunteers 10 hours/week to provide paid private classes in order to supplement their income while volunteering.


  • Can I do any fundraising to pay the program fee?
    Definitely! Raising money to pay for your volunteer fee can be a rewarding and exciting experience, not to mention it takes the strain off of your personal budget! Fundraising can unite you, your community, and your family together for a common goal one that will benefit you and hundreds of Costa Ricans. We have attached a short document with the best strategies for effective fundraising within your community.