Rita Class 2


EVOLC’s Teaching Assistant with INA Program Option:

EVOLC’s INA Program is an excellent opportunity to gain firsthand experience before applying to paid teaching positions. It is great for volunteers who want to earn professional and international experience before applying to jobs/higher education programs in his or her home county, or recent TEFL/TESOL/CELTA grads to earn valuable experience with the assistance of an experienced teacher before taking charge of his/her own classroom.. It is also a great chance for experienced ESL teachers to take a short gap from their careers and contribute their expertise and native accent to local classes. 

At their INA location, volunteers will work side by side with certified INA English Professors teaching adult community members (15+ years old) all over Costa Rica. These English classes are provided in 52 centers around the country and offer classes directed towards populations who suffer from social economic limitations and cannot pay to take regular English classes. The 52 INA Centers around Costa Rica make the possibilities endless for volunteers! Program length is one month or greater and volunteers may choose to volunteer in more than one center during their time in Costa Rica.