• How old are the people that usually participate?
    The ages of our volunteers vary we have had volunteers in their early 20s to volunteers in their late 60s. However, the majority who come are in their early-mid twenties.


  • What if I don’t have a TESOL/TEFL certification?
    There are plenty of online TEFL courses offered at low costs and do not demand a lot of time. A few of our Community Service placements also do not require a certificate. The EVOLC Program Coordinator will help find the best site for you to gain ESL teaching experience!


  • Do the students pay for their classes?
    No, the classes are provided free of charge to members of the community that wouldn’t normally be able to pay for classes which makes EVOLC programs, true volunteer programs.


  • Is there a Program Fee to volunteer?
    For some of EVOLC’s  placements there is a Program Fee. As a government recognized non-profit organization assisting low-income populations, the funding we recieve from the government is still limited. The program fee covers everything you will need here in Costa Rica including housing, all meals, transportation, 24/7 support and more. We are, however, constantly working to provide volunteers with experiences that are fully funded by local sponsors. The programs advertized are the most up t0 date fully sponsored posts!


  • Can I speak with a former volunteer?
    Definitely!  We encourage you to email the program coordinator for more information on contacting former volunteers. Also check us out on Facebook and Twitter to see what our current volunteers are up to!