• Will I need to get any vaccinations before I leave?
    No, however The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( recommends getting your routine vaccinations i.e. tetanus shots before going to Costa Rica.
  • Do I need to know Spanish?
    No, you will learn Spanish living with your host family. However, it will make your transition easier if you know basic Spanish before you arrive.
  • Will I need to get a visa before coming to Costa Rica?
    It depends on your country of origin. Citizens from the USA, Canada and most European countries do not need to get a visa prior to arrival. Your passport will be stamped once you get into the country, allowing you to stay for 90 days. All volunteers should enter the country with a tourist visa. Once in Costa Rica, ALIARSE will ask the Immigration Center for a volunteer visa on your behalf if you choose to do so.
  • Does EVOLC provide insurance?
    No, you are responsible for providing your own insurance.
    EVOLC is now affiliates with International Volunteer Card which is a great option for travel insurance!