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Jumpstart Costa Rica: ESL Summer Camps

EVOLC has partnered with Jumpstart Costa Rica to offer intensive English summer camps all over the country. Camps take place each January for 4 weeks, and every July for 2 weeks during the Costa Rican Public School breaks. These camps are an opportunity for local, low-income students to get a leg up in English before entering high school or leaving high school and entering the work force.

Many elementary schools in Costa Rica do not have a qualified English teacher which leaves a large gap between students and their peers coming from larger elementary schools, once they enter high school. These camps are a chance for kids to get comfortable with English before entering high school English classes. Students at these camps not only experience a boost in their English skills and grades in high school, but also a big boost in self-confidence! Jumpstart camps are an excellent opportunity for both experienced and inexperienced ESL teachers alike looking for a short and extremely rewarding experience in Costa Rica!