This program option is specifically for university students studying English Language Teaching or a related career with a practicum teaching requirement to fulfill the requisites to earn the degree.  We work directly with the university and adapt our program to fit the academic requirements of the university.  Students receive university credit hours dependant on the amount of hours taught here in Costa Rica.

Classes will range from 4-8 weeks depending on the requirements of the university and number of teaching hours per day.  Classes will be conducted at Costa Rican Public Schools or INA, depending on what age group the student is studying to teach. Practicum students will be paired with 1 English Professor from the school and observe his or her classes for the first few days of the program.  

Following a formal observation, students will take over the class for the remainder of the program.  Practicum students will be working side-by-side with the principal English Professor who will supervise the classes and serve as a mentor to the student.