ALIARSE, the coordinator of English Volunteers for Change, is a non-profit organization. The fee that we ask of our volunteers is to cover the basic costs of living during their stay.  It is a small fee when thinking of it in terms of prepaying the cost of living during your time here in Costa Rica, whether it be 3 months or 1 year.  In addition to lodging with a host family and three delicious meals a day, the fee contributes to managing, promoting, and expansion of our program. Your sustainable donation will help to finance the following:

1. Ongoing support in the form of site visits, external advising on the development of your curriculum and teaching abilities, and general 24 hour support from the program assistant.
2. Teaching materials: You will receive a set of text books reviewed by our program coordinator that will help you create and shape your day-to-day lesson plans. The text books remain in the site and serve as an excellent resource for the community members as well.

3. Transportation: EVOLC provides transportation to the Orientation site, your communities upon your arrival to Costa Rica, and to any events sponsored by ALIARSE.

4. Orientation: Upon arriving to Costa Rica, you will receive a 1-3 day orientation led by our program coordinator that will prepare you to live and teach in rural Costa Rica for your time here. The orientation will cover such topics as culture shock, how to teach with limited resources, and Costa Rican customs.

5. Sustainability of our Program: Unlike many other organizations who work directly with the schools, EVOLC benefits professionals who work in the tourism sector as well as adult community members. As such, we do not receive government funding and must rely on the donations from our volunteers and local partners to sustain our program. As a burgeoning program, we are constantly making new contacts and looking to increase the impact of our program in Costa Rica. We appreciate your contribution to our program.